Ashlee Garner can hardly believe that her time at Southwestern Seminary has come to a close. “Every semester seems to finish faster and faster. All in all, I have really loved my time here.  I have been challenged. I have learned so much about ministry. I have grown in my relationship with the Lord.”

In her senior year of college, Garner knew God had given her a heart for teaching young women and for His Word. When she contacted Southwestern, she was told the seminary was interested in investing in the lives of women who felt called to ministry. Now that she has completed a Master of Arts in Christian Education, she knows that statement was true.

In addition to attending classes, Garner also worked in the registrar’s office, which she says are some of her favorite memories. “They have become my family, not just the place I work.” She especially looks up to her supervisor, Karen Gilstrap. “She does more ministry in her office than most people do in a lifetime,” she says.

For the past two years, Garner has served in the student ministry at First Euless as a care group leader for junior high girls. She has also worked with Precept Ministries International as a counselor and intern in the student ministry division.

Garner was blessed to participate in the Women’s Auxiliary’s Dressed for Service last month, which is another of her favorite memories. This program provides a fully accessorized ensemble appropriate for an event like graduation or an interview to female graduates and student wives. Not only does Garner insist she could have never purchased such a quality outfit herself, she also greatly benefited from the godly advice and new friendship she established with the Women’s Auxiliary representative who took her shopping.

After graduation, Garner plans to continue serving in the student ministry at First Euless. She says, “The Lord has yet to provide a new job for me. But I will continue to do ministry whether or not I am paid for it. I plan to pursue Christ and His will for my life.”