FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The family of distinguished professor emeritus of New Testament Jack W. MacGorman, 90, organized a reception in his honor, June 11. MacGorman, who was born in Nova Scotia on Dec. 26, 1920, has one of the longest tenures of service in the history of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
“Dr. MacGorman is a pretty amazing man by anyone’s standard,” Southwestern president Paige Patterson said. “To still be scintillating, colorful, caring, and active at 90 is remarkable. He is more faithful to chapel than most and always seems to have an encouraging word for all. No one can walk six paces at Southwestern Seminary without coming across the marks of J.W. MacGorman.”
MacGorman, who celebrated his 90th birthday last December, began his life at Southwestern Seminary as a student. After nearly dying from an untreatable lung disease in the late 1930s, MacGorman followed his doctor’s advice by leaving the Northeast for the “high and dry climate of Arizona.” Due to lack of money, his journey ended in Texas, where he recovered from illness and began classes at Southwestern Seminary on Sept. 11, 1945.
MacGorman completed his Bachelor of Divinity (equivalent to the Master of Divinity) and his Doctor of Theology degrees at Southwestern by 1956. In 1948, he was added to the seminary’s faculty. For 56 years, he was active at the seminary as a student and professor. Even after his retirement in 2001, he stays connected to the life of the seminary, helping in classes and faithfully attending chapel services and other campus events. Southwestern honored him with a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1986 and the L.R. Scarborough Award in 2008.
Beyond his teaching experience at Southwestern Seminary, MacGorman has taught and lectured throughout the world, and he has written and edited numerous books and articles. He has also served in pastoral positions at Baptist churches in Maine and Texas.
MacGorman married his wife, Ruth, on Aug. 22, 1947. They have six children and more than a dozen grandchildren.