FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – When he takes the podium in front of the men in his preaching classes, Southwestern associate professor of preaching Matthew McKellar can open the Bible with a spirit of empathy as well as conviction.
“For 28 years, I was preaching every week,” says McKellar. “So I feel like when I go in the classroom now in my preaching classes, I can say to those guys, ‘Look, I may not be Charles Spurgeon Jr., but I’ve been there.”
McKellar served as a pastor in East Texas from 1987 to 2009 and knows how it feels to wake up on Monday and know Sunday morning is approaching quickly. As a professor, McKellar helps his students develop methods of sermon preparation. He emphasizes the importance of text-driven sermons in the pulpit, believing these “can strengthen a pastor’s overall ministry because he’s really feeding the people the Word of God.”
McKellar professed faith in Christ at an early age after eavesdropping on his parents sharing the Gospel with his older sister.
“You know, when you’re 7 years old, you haven’t robbed any banks or committed any vile acts, but I think the Holy Spirit made it clear to me at that point that I was a sinner and I needed a Savior, and I remembered being overwhelmed that Christ died for me,” he says.
McKellar is grateful for the influence of fellow Christians who helped him follow his call, which eventually led to pursuing his master’s and doctoral degrees as well as teaching full time at Southwestern Seminary. He cites the influence of a godly undergraduate physics professor, who was also a deacon where McKellar served as a youth minister, as the first one who encouraged him to think about pursuing higher-level coursework.