Southwestern Seminary students and faculty members scattered across the nation to preach revivals at 50 churches during the Spring Evangelism Practicum, March 15-18.

Master of Divinity student Joshua Moore served at Friendship Baptist Church in Brimfield, Ill. Moore said he was encouraged to see several young adults and youth come to Christ, the first people who have ever come to Christ as a result of his preaching. He also recalled the encouragement  he received from the pastor of Friendship Baptist Church, and the encouragement he was able to give to this pastor, who admitted that serving in the northern United States can often become lonely.

Cky Carrigan, associate professor of evangelism, presented Moore as the Todd Brooks Riza Memorial Award recipient during chapel, March 26. This award was established in memory of Todd Brooks Riza, who died in 1995 two days before embarking on his first practicum assignment. Riza’s family was in attendance during this year’s presentation.

According to Carrigan, students in the Spring Evangelism Practicum chose one of their peers for the award, whom they found “to be a man of God and a man of the Word of God.” Carrigan placed this ideal, based on 2 Timothy 3, before his students as they began to prepare for the practicum in January.

“It was my honor and privilege to watch these men take a journey of spiritual growth that began last fall and culminated with revival week during the spring break,” said Carrigan, who directed the practicum for the first time this year. “I can’t wait to see what God does in and through them during the next weeks, months and years.”

Another group of Southwestern preachers will be venturing to churches across the nation in May. The School of Evangelism and Missions is currently taking pledges to serve during next year’s practicum. To sign up, fill out the “Declaration of Interest” on Southwestern’s Web site at