Beginning fall 2012, students will have yet another option in the Master of Arts in Christian Education degree as Southwestern’s Women’s Programs introduces a new concentration in homemaking. Previously, only the College at Southwestern offered such a concentration, but with faculty additions and the administration’s approval, master’s students will now have a comparable option to consider in the graduate program.

“I think the master’s level is going to take off a little more than the undergrad because college students are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do, but our master’s students have such a direct call and have discovered quickly that they’re going to have to use their home for ministry in some form or fashion,” said Dean of Women’s Programs Terri Stovall.

Stovall said Distinguished Professor of Homemaking Pat Ennis will oversee the program. This fall, the seminary will offer HMKNG 4803, Topics in Homemaking with the focus of clothing and textiles. These skills will prove helpful, whether serving overseas in a missions context or using them to connect with women in ministry settings here in North America.

Stovall said this new concentration has been highly anticipated by current master’s students.

“The master’s students are the ones that have really been asking for the classes because they already see it connecting to the ministry that God’s going to be using them in,” Stovall said.