PETERSBURG, Ky. (SWBTS) – Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson and his wife Dorothy visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., August 5, and were treated to a personal guided tour of the facility by Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham.

“Mrs. Patterson and I were honored that Ken Ham took time from a very busy schedule to give us a personal tour of the Creation Museum,” Patterson said.

“I want to urge every Southern Baptist to take his family, go to Cincinnati, and walk through the Creation Museum. How dinosaurs relate to the human family in the book of Genesis right down to a wonderful planetarium showing the matchless hand of our Creator is a fun-filled experience no family should miss if parents intend for their children to be prepared for the culture in which they live. What Ken Ham has done in the Creation Museum is unique and strategically important in developing a Christian worldview for the family and the church.”

The museum, located approximately 120 miles from the site of the 2015 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, has recently broken ground on an full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark.

Dorothy Patterson noted her excitement over the museum’s unapologetic focus on the reliability of Scripture and its evangelistic focus. Free Gospel tracts are available to all visitors.