FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern professors Harvey Solganick and William Dembski will join other prominent Christian scientists and theologians during a symposium in Austin, Texas, Oct. 26-28, to respond to the widespread claim that science has disproved the Bible and the existence of God.
The symposium, titled The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science, will draw together Christian experts who hold various viewpoints on how believers can integrate the relationship between faith and science. Speakers at the conference include, among others, Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute; Andy Crouch, a senior editor with Christianity Today; Darrel Falk of the BioLogos Foundation; and author and professor Alister McGrath.
According to Solganick, the varying questions and perspectives that these conference speakers will bring to contemporary discussions on faith and science will challenge and enable believers to grow in their understanding of these issues.
The symposium was organized by the Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity, which has organized conferences and forums to discuss not only science and faith, but also the arts and parenting.
To learn more about this faith and science symposium, or to register, visit the conference website at Students may register for the symposium for a reduced fee.