Keith Eitel, dean of the Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, regularly uses stories from his life in his lectures in hopes that students will understand the importance of living out their faith before a lost world.  However, he didn’t know how close to home his testimony would hit for one particular student, Susanna Burnham.

Lecturing about rapid culture changes, Eitel mentioned the differences in schools since he was a student. He even had a Latin teacher, Miss Spencer, who knelt down on the first day of school and dedicated the class to the Lord.

“I laughed at her like all the kids did on the outside, but I was convicted by what she did inside,” Eitel said. “About a year and a half later when I became a Christian, I went back and thanked her for her bold witness.”

Susanna Burnham, a Master of Divinity student, could hardly believe her ears. “Miss Spencer” had gone on to get married and became Martha Burnham – Susanna’s mother.

Discovering the influence her mother’s commitment to Christ had on a man who has dedicated his life to missions and training others to do the same further convinced Burnham to “rise up and bless her” (Prov. 31:28).

“Although my influence was certainly small, I am thrilled at how God has brought Dr. Eitel to Himself, blessed him, used him in mighty ways and given him a place of significant service,” Martha Burnham said. “God’s sovereignty is always amazing.”