FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – From 2009-2011, Jared Howard served as a missionary to China. As part of his ministry, he led a project in which he and team members recorded audio versions of Bible manuscripts developed by missionaries in the language that a particular people group spoke. Two summers ago, Howard returned to China to visit this people group.

Having just recorded the book of Mark in their native language, Howard had the opportunity to sit in a house church meeting in his old apartment complex and watch the first believers of this people group in history hear the Bible in their own language.

“The only reason I was able to do this,” Howard explained, “was because of the financial flexibility and the time availability that I had because of the Journeyman scholarship. Otherwise I just wouldn't have time to have gone back.”

Howard, now a Master of Divinity student at Southwestern Seminary, shared this testimony at the 2014 Scholarship luncheon, April 8, which gave scholarship recipients the opportunity to thank Southwestern ministry partners for their generous donations to the school. Speaking on behalf of students, Howard explained that, because of his scholarship, he has been able to work part-time rather than full-time, which has allowed him to focus the majority of his time on ministry opportunities and his studies at Southwestern.

Regarding the latter, Howard explained that he came to Southwestern primarily to study biblical languages and has been enrolled in at least one language class in each of his six semesters. Recently, he was informed that this year he will receive the Hebrew award, given to the student who has displayed the greatest proficiency in the Hebrew language.

“Obviously, that's primarily due to God's graciousness to me,” Howard said, “but also it's due to your generosity and how my scholarship has allowed me to really focus on my studies here at the seminary.”

Following Howard’s testimony, Allen Morain, who, along with his wife, Loyce, established the Morain scholarship in 1997, spoke on behalf of ministry partners.

Morain explained that he and his wife give to Southwestern because of Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received; freely give.” Morain encouraged other ministry partners to continue giving for this same reason.

Morain recounted how various students have benefitted from the Morain scholarship. With tears in his eyes, he said that one former student is now in Bangkok, Thailand, working with male and female prostitutes. Another student, along with his wife, now ministers in Morocco, which is 100 percent Muslim.

Morain concluded his testimony by encouraging ministry partners to continue giving and students to utilize these resources. Addressing both groups of people, Morain stressed the importance of “the basics.”

“Basics in basketball are passing and dribbling,” he said. “In football, we've got tackling and blocking. I am convinced that this seminary is being led with basics. Those basics are Bible-reading, prayer and promises. And we [ministry partners] need to continue to focus on that. I'm convinced that Dr. and Mrs. Patterson are leading you [students] that way. You need to follow.”