FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – A small city of bounce-houses, picnic blankets and two rows of tents covered the west lawn last Thursday evening, providing a way for students, faculty, their families and their churches to interact.

Seeing a new side of Southwestern faculty was a favorite part of Danielle Watson’s time at the picnic. Watson is a first-semester seminary student.

“I really liked seeing all my professors here, because whenever I was in undergrad, none of my professors believed in God and all of them were kind of anti-God,” Watson said. “So it was great to see all the faculty here supporting the students and supporting their local churches.”

Kinzie Harvell, a secretary in the housing office, enjoyed learning about the churches’ individuality as expressed through their booths. Tucked under her arm was a collection of free T-shirts and twice as many brochures and fliers, as well as some cookies and a bottle of hand sanitizer – just a few of the goodies that the churches were giving out.
Harvell also enjoyed the picnic by seeing many of her co-workers and connecting them with their families.

“It’s kind of like our family here, you know, because we’re so far away from home,” she said. She and her husband, Adam, recently moved from Alabama so he could pursue his Master of Arts in Archeology. “It’s been cool to actually see people that I know.”

Also in attendance was the Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle, which had a symbolic role in promoting Southwestern’s “Taking the Hill” door-to-door evangelism outreach kick-off earlier that day in Chapel.

“I really enjoyed riding around in the Fast Attack Vehicle with my daughter,” said Thomas White, vice president for student services and communications. “She had great fun along with many other children who had their picture made with it.”

White is helping lead the evangelism campaign, and enjoyed the connection he was able to have with his students and their families through the picnic. “I am continuously encouraged by their dedication to Christ,” he said.