FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) –While she was teaching junior high home economics, Pat Ennis’ pastor recruited her to develop curriculum for a homemaking program in the college the church wanted to start. One trip to the Christian bookstore, however, revealed that she had just embarked on a road rarely traveled.
“I found at that point a half shelf that dealt with women and the family,” said Ennis, who has now written several books of her own. “That was everything from dating all the way through raising your children. This was before the proliferation of all the publications we have now.”
So, Ennis began researching and writing and developed a course curriculum appropriate for teaching home economics courses combined with rigorous theological training, as well. After she wrote the curriculum and began the program at Christian Heritage College, The Master’s College recruited her to begin a similar program at its school. At one point, Ennis considered returning to secular education, but God had other plans for the author-professor.
In 2011, Ennis accepted an offer to join the Southwestern Seminary faculty as a distinguished professor of homemaking where she, along with First Lady Dorothy Patterson and Dean of Women’s Programs Terri Stovall, works to bolster the program and provide growing opportunities for women to learn and serve.
Ennis said Southwestern looks forward to beginning a graduate program with a homemaking concentration in the future.
 “Our whole goal with this concentration is to take an already well-established women’s program and to add the component that allows women—whether they are going to train other women to be seminary professors or college professors or secondary teachers or home school moms—to give them the tools, so they can fulfill the Titus 2 mandate.” Ennis said. “You see, that is not a suggestion. For Christian women, those are our marching orders. We are to learn those skills so that God’s Word is not discredited.”
Ennis hopes that with the future expansion of the homemaking program, more women will take advantage of classes in the women’s program department, regardless of their major. She says according to Titus, every woman should look to learn from the older women and to teach the younger women in her life.
“Our goal is to teach the women to be godly women and to have the character that wherever they are, whatever God calls them to do, that they are a Christian first and a homemaking specialist second,” Ennis said. “They must never be reversed.”