FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern Seminary faculty members and students will present papers during the 61st national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) in New Orleans, La., Nov. 18-20. The theme of the 2009 conference is “Personal and Social Ethics.”

To see a full listing of presenters, including Southwestern faculty members, students and alumni, visit the ETS Web site at Current Southwestern faculty members and students who are contributing to the conference include:

Herbert Bateman (professor of New Testament), presenting “Response to Nathan Holsteen.”

Keith Boozer (Ph.D. student), presenting “The Ethical Theory of a Leading Version of Contemporary Materialism.”

Robert Caldwell (assistant professor of church history), presenting “Contending for the Trinity in an Enlightened Age: The Status of Trinitarian Theology in Puritanism through Edwards.”

Dongsun Cho (assistant professor of historical theology), presenting “Tertullian on Adultery and Discipline.”

Jason G. Duesing (assistant professor of historical theology and chief of staff, office of the president), presenting “The Duty of Baptists to Teach their Distinctive Views?

John Ferrer (Ph.D. student), presenting “The Ethics of Plastic Surgery” and “Propositional Defeat: The Argument from Non-Cognitivism Critiqued.”

Matthew R. Fuller (Ph.D. student), presenting “A Matter of Feeling: The Ethics of

William Goff (professor of Christian ethics), presenting “The Challenge of Being a ‘Perfect’ Christian.”

Jack Greenoe (Ph.D. student), presenting “Whosoever’s Will May Come: Darwin’s Impact on Freud, Marx, and Nietzche.”

Friedheim Jung (professor of systematic theology; director of the Master of Arts in Theology program, extension center in Bonn, Germany), presenting “American Evangelicals in Germany: Their Contribution to Church Planting and Theological Education.”

Donald Kim (Ph.D. student), presenting “God’s Righteousness as the Ethos of Romans.”

Jason K. Lee (associate professor of historical theology, assistant dean for theological studies), presenting “General Baptist Origins: John Smyth and the Spiritual Life, ca. 1609.”

Dokyun (David) Lim (Ph.D. student), presenting “Rhetoric Sensitive Sermon in the Epistle of James: Revitalizing Biblical Rhetorical Effects from James’ Protoreptic Epistle.”

Matthew Millsap (Ph.D. student), presenting “Theology’s Second Life: Beginning a Discourse Between Theology and Digital Narrative.”

Craig Mitchell (assistant professor of ethics), presenting “The Ethics of Carl F. H. Henry.”

Yunsoo Park (D.Min. student), presenting “Restoration of Biblical Preaching in the Post-Modern Era.”

Dorothy Patterson (first lady, professor of theology in women’s studies) and Kimberly Pennington (Ph.D. student), presenting “Agents of Change: The Role of Women in Transforming the Social Ethics of America.”

Paige Patterson (president, professor of theology), presenting “Genetics versus Historiography: A Case for the Connection of Continental Anabaptism and Contemporary Baptists.”

Ronald Rothenberg (Ph.D. student), presenting “A Virtue-Ethical View of Sanctification: Jesus’ Role as Teacher, Example, and Priest.”

Roger Sharp (Southwestern alumnus; Confident Christianity Apologetics and Discernment Ministry), presenting “Social Ethics for a Social Network: An Unapologetic Presence on Facebook.”

Harvey Solganik (professor of humanities, The College at Southwestern), presenting “A Meta-Ethical Model for Business Ethics for Meta-Planning.”

John Taylor (assistant professor of New Testament, assistant dean for biblical studies), presenting “From Proof to Text: Mapping Hebrews’ Messianic Exploration of the Psalms.”

Gregory Trickett (Ph.D. student), presenting “Scientific Antirealism and Intelligent Design.”

Suresh Vythylingam (Ph.D. student), presenting “Christianity Lived in an Asian Setting.”