Women seeking to live God’s way can never have enough mentors. Southwestern’s Women’s Programs not only seek to extend continuing education for current students but also for women beyond geographical reach. The latest creative tool is the launch of a new Web site, www.biblicalwoman.com, a rich resource of spiritual wisdom by biblical women for biblical women.

Visitors can access audio files, papers and book reviews on subjects relating to biblical womanhood. Faculty, alumni and current students have contributed research to enable all women to have access to seminary-level training from wherever they are currently serving.

Another feature of the Web site includes first lady Dorothy Patterson’s list of recommended reading for biblical women. Future plans include profiles of women in the Bible and women in church history.

Training women for ministry has been a priority of Southwestern Seminary since its inception. Women come here to learn biblical truth and disperse all over the world in ministry roles ranging from missionaries to pastors’ wives. This Web site seeks to combine the spiritual wisdom of Southwestern’s past, present and future to minister to any woman seeking deeper biblical knowledge.

“Though women are bombarded with personal choices and life decisions, the Bible must trump the culture, personal preferences and all other authorities in lifting up the standard for godly womanhood,” says first lady Dorothy Patterson. 

“Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is stepping forward to bring together the best resources, the most poignant testimonies, and the clearest teaching directly from the text of Scripture—answers from the heavenly Father for the questions in the earthly lives of women."