FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- According to In Trust magazine, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s library system ranks third in book holdings among freestanding theological schools in North America. Only Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey and Union Theological Seminary in New York ranked higher.
“The unique nature of libraries makes it difficult to compare them, but this table identifies the largest theological libraries in North America in order of reported bound volumes for academic year 2008,” said Barbara Kemmis, director of member services at the American Theological Library Association.
“Books are merely a portion of a library’s holdings, but they do give insight into a library’s size, as they require space and staff to make them accessible.”
The article separates schools into two categories: university-related theological collections and collections at freestanding theological schools. The rankings were compiled based on data sent to the Association of Theological Schools. Based on ATS reports, Southwestern has more than 500,000 printed and bound volumes, including periodicals.
Southwestern's library system includes the A. Webb Roberts Library, the Kathryn Sullivan Bowld Music Library, the Counseling Center Collection, the World Mission Center Collection and the Houston Campus Library. There are also small book collections at the extension center sites in San Antonio and Little Rock.