FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary mourned the passing of Noche, a beloved black Labrador retriever and the seminary’s unofficial mascot, June 1.
For nearly 15 years, Noche was a faithful companion to President Paige Patterson and first lady Dorothy Patterson. Ever since the Pattersons came to Southwestern in 2003, Noche has also befriended the seminary’s faculty and students.
Students and faculty often saw Noche at President Patterson’s side as he strolled around the seminary campus. The friendly Lab accompanied Patterson almost everywhere, from the seminary’s campus picnic to the annual all-employee meeting to Patterson’s classes. Many prospective students also met Noche when they visited Patterson’s office during campus tours.
A member of the Southwestern Seminary family, Noche is memorialized in the presidential portrait located in the rotunda of the B.H. Carroll Memorial Building.