FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- With heavy machinery buzzing in the background, representatives from Manhattan Construction Company and Steel Dynamics joined administration, faculty and staff at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Aug. 9, to pray over the new chapel construction. The group of approximately 50 gathered near a prayer structure built by Manhattan across the street from the construction site.
"We know that this chapel is a building, but we know it's intended for something way more than that," Bob Bowen, executive vice president for Manhattan, said.
Seminary president Paige Patterson thanked the companies for the progress already made and said his prayer is that even with such a large project that no injuries would be incurred. He also reiterated the purpose of the future chapel.
"What we're building here is not a building; it's not even really a chapel," Patterson said. "As I have styled it before, it is a place for confrontation with the Word of God. It's a place where people who are hurting will be able to come and find help. It will be a place where people who need to find out what it is in life that's gone wrong will be able to come and find an answer to those problems. It's a place where people will be able to come to find the Lord. And if it fails at that point—if people do not find Christ through this building—it will have failed no matter how beautiful it is."
Southwestern also has a live webcam, which allows people to view real time chapel construction from anywhere in the world. The website is