FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Beginning this fall, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will initiate a homeschool program in order to help parents in the seminary and community as they educate their children.
A service provided by Southwestern Seminary’s Naylor Children’s Center, the Southwestern Homeschool Program will provide children with classes, resources, extracurricular activities and an uplifting environment for learning and building friendships. It will also provide community support for parents, in part through a weekly forum that will enable parents to share resources, ideas and encouragement.
“The homeschool population in America is growing every year,” said Waylan Owens, dean of the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries. “Our graduates must understand that choice and its impact in their churches and communities.”
Since many Southwestern Seminary students will gain experience teaching children and mentoring their families through this program, he added, “Through our homeschool program, we can assist families and learn at the same time.”
The Southwestern Homeschool Program will offer advanced courses in areas such as chemistry, algebra, history, Scripture and foreign languages, which parents may not feel equipped to teach. Parents may enroll their children in selected courses as needed. Trained and experienced educators from the Southwestern Seminary family will teach these courses, and classes will be offered on Monday and Wednesday. Tuition for one class will total $160.00 per semester.
The initial course offerings are listed below. For more information about the Southwestern Homeschool Program, visit the Southwestern Seminary website at