On Dec. 17, Southwestern Seminary’s inaugural softball team wrapped up its first season. Organized by Master of Divinity student Andrew Wroth, the team played in a league hosted by the Big League Dreams sports park in Mansfield, Texas, for the fall season. These weekly tournaments not only provided students a great opportunity to enjoy brotherly camaraderie but also a chance to evangelize the opposing teams right on the field.

While team members acknowledge that strengthening friendships, the athletic competition, and the welcome break from schoolwork all served as compelling reasons to play softball, they confess that the greatest motivation for joining the team was the chance for evangelism after the games. Greg Nelson, an M.Div. student who played shortstop for the team, remarks, “I have done many intramural programs at Southwestern, but the softball team has been my favorite for a number of reasons—the chance to show your testimony to a lost world, to share the Gospel, and the opportunity to get out of the seminary to talk to a lost person.”

After each game, the Southwestern team invited the opposing team’s players to pray with them. If the invitation was accepted, they would meet together in the middle of the field, and as they introduced themselves, the Southwesterners would share the Good News of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Every team obliged,” Nelson recalls. “Before praying, we would share that we are students at Southwestern and training for ministry, and that our passion is Jesus Christ. We would share the Gospel. Then we would ask if anyone would like to talk more, or if anyone needed prayer.”

The team plans to reassemble next season, and some students have expressed interest in forming football and soccer teams to play in local leagues, as well. “Playing on this softball team this season has been an amazing experience,” says Wroth, who served as the team’s captain. “It gave us a way, one night a week, to get away from all the reading and studying of school, and get out there and compete. It has also allowed for guys to get to know one another better by bonding over softball.”

“Above all,” Wroth concludes, “our main reason for going out there is evangelism. We are taking the Gospel to the community through the avenue of softball.”