Master of Divinity student Jason Attaway is scheduled to preach in chapel during Southwestern Seminary’s Student Preaching Day, April 28.

Attaway was chosen from among other master’s level students enrolled in preaching classes during the fall 2008 and spring 2009 semesters. The seminary’s preaching faculty selected Attaway based on the excellence of his sermon preparation and delivery in class.

According to David Allen, dean of the School of Theology, the Student Preaching Day recognizes capable preaching students by letting them speak before their peers, and it also “fosters genuine expository preaching.” Training students to deliver expository sermons is “what we are about here at Southwestern,” he said.

“I am both terrified and honored,” Attaway said. Both sensations grow from lessons on the gravity of preaching that he learned in classes with Steven Smith, assistant professor of preaching. In these classes, Attaway heard about “the weightiness of the pulpit and the humility that the preacher must have.” The preacher is a “conduit that takes the people to Christ.” Therefore, he “must die to self when he stands before the people, in order that Christ may live.”

The preaching faculty also selected Master of Divinity student Russell Bryan as the runner-up for the Student Preaching Day. He has been invited to lead in prayer during the chapel service.