FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – David, a student in the College at Southwestern, spilled his blood so he could share the Gospel with the people of Zambia.
To be precise, David donated his blood as often as possible to help raise money to travel to Zambia this winter and share the Gospel with other students from Southwestern. His resourcefulness depicts only one of the amazing ways that God assembled the perfect team of Southwestern students for this mission trip.
Through the efforts of this missionary team, God touched the lives of hundreds of Lozi people living in the African bush where 19th-century missionary and explorer David Livingstone once trekked. Art Savage, director of the World Missions Center at Southwestern, reported that 212 people made decisions for Christ during the trip.
Students also met some unsavory conditions and unexpected tasks, Savage added. They endured temperatures that rose well above 100 degrees, as well as sandy soil that made walking difficult. They shooed away chameleons, believed to be bad omens among the Lozi, while believers, and a few unbelievers, gathered underneath a tree to worship and hear from God’s Word. They corrected the bad theology promulgated by many cults in the region and confronted the animistic folk religion of the Lozi people. One witch doctor gained interest in the mission team’s message when they gave her antibiotics for a severely abscessed tooth.
According to Savage, God prepared this mission team for every endeavor and challenge they faced. As with every mission trip that the seminary organizes, he said, God assembled the right group of individuals to complete the task. And, as in David’s case, these team members often found creative ways to raise the money that made their participation in the trip possible.
One college student, Cody, found support from family members, but he also helped raise funds by performing with his band. Through this means, God opened the doors for him to lead worship among Lozi believers—an opportunity he found special because God first began calling him to the mission field when he saw a video of a missionary playing his guitar in accompaniment to African worshippers.
By traveling to Zambia, Cody and his wife Brittany, who is also a student in the College at Southwestern, learned to serve with each other on the mission field and gained reassurance about God's call for their lives.
Lendy, another member of Southwestern’s mission team, began to sense God’s call to Africa a year before she enrolled in the seminary’s Master of Arts in Missiology degree. On December 29, 2010, she made a resolution to go to Africa in the upcoming year, not realizing that she would be en route to Zambia exactly one year later. In the meantime, Lendy enrolled at Southwestern and visited the seminary’s World Missions Center to sign up for the trip to Zambia. She discovered that the trip was full and that several people were already on the waiting list.
Nevertheless, feeling certain that God was calling her to Zambia, Lendy put her name on the waiting list and began to pray for the trip and for other members of the mission team. A few weeks before the team embarked on their travels, four people dropped out of the trip and three people on the waiting list could not participate.
Lendy was the last person to fill a slot on the team. She had prayed that God would send to Zambia those whom He had called to go, and she was humbled and excited to learn that He had called her.
Through this experience, Lendy learned to trust God and to follow His call even when it seems impossible.
“He is faithful even when we are faithless,” Lendy said. “His timing is always perfect.”