FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The Southwestern Chamber Chorale presented the Gospel in song at the Music for Missions concert, April 12, telling the story of salvation from the beginning of the Word in John 1:1 to His redemptive work on the cross in John 3:16. The 10 students in the chorale will leave May 13 to share the same message in South Korea and Malaysia during a 24-day mission trip.

Associate Professor of Church Music and conductor of the Chamber Chorale, Tom Song, said the group will perform the same program about three times each day during the trip and will have the opportunity to reach more than 50,000 people with the message of Christ’s lordship and salvation.

“We are all excited, and these students are really, really looking forward to this great mission tour,” Song said. “Going to two countries at once, this is another challenge. I know this a long trip, and so I’m always telling them we are entering the spiritual battlefield and we are Christian soldiers. So be alert. Be ready.”

Song said he has been training the group boot-camp style in preparation for the challenges ahead.

“I am training them hard like military training camp, so that there are no complaints, because military is no complaints. No jet lag. We do not have any words about jet lag,” Song said. “[I told them to] be ready to work for the glory of God. That’s my philosophy—to train them to be more strong for the ministry.”

In addition to spreading the good news of salvation throughout the world, Song says the trip will serve as a way to teach the students how to use music as a tool for ministry and will also provide a way to invite others to come to Southwestern to study. Song said several students have come to the seminary after trips such as this one, and many have graduated. He said two or three such students currently studying in the School of Church Music learned about the program from a trip the school took overseas.

During the trip, Southwesterners will give short testimonies, alongside performing their musical program. Song said this trip marks the sixth year the School of Church Music has taken a music missions trip and said he looks forward to seeing the Lord work mightily through them as they reach South Koreans and Malaysians for Christ.