FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The battle between truth and lies became more real for Cindy Puett during the Cross Timbers Evangelism weekend, April 8-10. Joining 21 other Southwestern students in West Texas door-to-door initiatives with the Cross Timbers Baptist Association, the Master of Divinity student met a young Christian currently targeted by a local cult.
The man invited Puett, along with Jacob Oladipupo and Arelie Urbina, into his home, and confided his confusion to them. The cult member uses Christian terminology when talking about his religion and returns weekly to talk with him. Puett and the other students shared the Gospel with the man, provided a local church’s contact information and left unsettled by the prevalence of false teachers.
“I really understood the urgency that we need to get the Gospel out quickly, because if we’re not going and knocking on people’s doors, spending time with people, getting to know them and sharing the Gospel with them, somebody’s going to be telling them something,” she said.
Puett signed up for the evangelism weekend in preparation for a mission trip this summer and wanted more evangelism experience. She characterized the weekend as “getting out of the classroom and into the lab.” She returned from the trip resolved to share the Gospel on a weekly basis in Fort Worth.
Students and faculty partnered with churches in the association during the initiative, conducting surveys from 10:30 a.m. until at least 4:30 p.m., with some teams not returning until 7 p.m. Their work helped pave the way for church plants and assisted established congregations with reaching their neighbors.
Puett and Urbana gave testimony to God’s work in their lives in a local congregation on Sunday, and served the members themselves by pinch hitting in child care so the workers could go hear Oladipupo preach. Oladipupo was one of 10 men from Southwestern who did so that Sunday.
The Cross Timbers Evangelism Weekend is one of several initiatives Southwestern students join in reaching people with the Gospel during the year. Crossover Phoenix, a similar initiative, will give Southwestern students more opportunity to share their faith as they travel to Arizona immediately preceding the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, Ariz., June 4-12.
The initiative currently has spots open for interested students, with course credit available. Visit for more information.