During Southwestern Seminary’s first-ever Softball Showdown, hundreds of spectators cheered on 15 faculty members and 26 students as they went head-to-head in a friendly matchup, April 14. The faculty team had some big hitters, but the students ultimately came out victorious with a 12-8 win.

“I enjoyed most the competitive yet Christ-like attitude that both students and faculty demonstrated,” Ph.D. student Brandon Kiesling said. “Students got a chance to strike out a professor, and professors got a chance to prove they can hang with the young people!”

As students and faculty near the end of the semester, playing a game of softball and hearing the cheers of friends and families on the sidelines was the perfect way to take a break from the books. Students enjoyed the thrill of tagging their professors before reaching home plate, and professors had the opportunity to show off that they are not only skilled theologians, but also skilled ball players.

Even Southwestern President Paige Patterson, the faculty team’s designated hitter, made a surprise appearance in the fifth inning, a highlight of the game for everyone. “My favorite part of the evening was probably when Dr. Patterson slugged a grounder to the outfield and got on base,” said Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies Candi Finch, who played on the faculty team. “Both teams erupted in cheers.”

Despite their loss, the faculty players plan on making a triumphant comeback in 2017. “I loved the fellowship and healthy competition between the faculty and students on the softball field,” Finch said. “I am ready for a rematch!”

Prior to the softball game, about 650 students, faculty and their families enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers as well as 400 pounds of crawfish brought in from Mamou, La. For everyone, the night was a win as they enjoyed fellowship outside the classroom and a little friendly competition with their fellow Southwesterners.

“My goal with these Student Life events is to create a fun event where students and faculty can step away from the classroom and enjoy either competing against the other team or come out and eat free crawfish and enjoy a game,” said Associate Director of Student Life Phillip Box. “This event will hopefully continue to strengthen our campus unity between faculty and students.”