Southwestern students experienced the power of the Gospel during a mission trip to Monclova, Mexico, over winter break.

Throughout the week, Southwesterners saw more than 100 people come to faith is Jesus Christ. The group split into 5 teams and partnered with local churches to spread the Gospel through tract distribution, children’s ministry, door-to-door evangelism and revival services.

As one group was sharing the Gospel door to door, they encountered a woman named Olga outside washing her dishes. “At first she said that she was too busy to engage in a conversation with us, but when we explained to her that our mission consisted of bringing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, she told us an amazing story,” said Nelson Fonseca, a student in the College at Southwestern.

Olga began to tell them about a dream she had the previous night. In her dream, her neighbor, who considers himself a sorcerer, accused her of throwing salt into his backyard and threatened to curse her with an illness if she did not confess. Olga declared in her dream, “Jesus is more powerful! Jesus is more powerful!”

Fonseca believes God used this dream to prepare Olga for their visit. After hearing the Gospel, Olga prayed to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior, and Fonseca encouraged her with the truth that Jesus was indeed more powerful than demonic influences.

Students also experienced a stronger passion for evangelism. “I found myself at one point walking down the street with tracts in my hands, and I was late for something at the church,” said Barry Bishop, an MDiv student. “But I could not stop sharing the Gospel with people on the street. That’s when I really came alive.”

Bishop saw this passion for evangelism in all the members of his team. At one point, his team chose to forgo taking a break for lunch in order to pass out the remainder of the tracts and Bibles.