FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Church planter and missionary Mike Morris (M.Div 1983) is helping Southwestern Seminary students hear and follow the call of God, serving as both a teacher and example for his students. Trustees elected Morris as assistant professor of missions for the Fish School in April.
“Just like the call to be a Christian is a matter of surrender, and there’s some subjective aspects and objective aspects to it, the same thing is true with a call to ministry or a call to be a cross-cultural missionary overseas,” says Morris.
Since God had already called him to be a Christian and a minister of the Gospel, “the call to missions seemed to be just another step on the road of discipleship.”
For Morris, this process towards missions started when he first set foot in Fort Worth. While on a jog around campus in the 1980s, “I just remember that God got my attention, and I had this subjective feeling that I was going to play some part in His missions enterprise,” Morris says.
Throughout the next decade of ministry, God kept placing people and situations in Morris’ life to move him towards service as a missionary. When the only thing keeping him from surrender was concern for his family, especially his mother, Morris said the objective promise of provision in Mark 10:29-31 was comfort and confirmation for him.
Morris served as an IMB missionary in South Korea from 1995-2000, and as strategy coordinator until 2006. After returning to the states to pursue his doctorate, he served as a pastor and church planter in Tennessee.
A life spent in reliance on God’s leading is what Morris preaches from the classroom pulpit now. Especially with the United States’ multi-cultural society, he wants his students to “think like missionaries,” believing that “cross-cultural experience overseas helps people with cross-cultural issues here.”
Morris earned his doctorate in Missiology from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in 2009. He and his family serve Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.