FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Chocolate-covered strawberries and conversation-laced fellowship drew 160 Southwestern women to the second annual Chocolate Connection gathering at the Horner Homemaking House, Sept. 13—a gathering that woman after woman attending the event said was exactly what she needed.
“It’s very good,” said Brandi Thomas, a mother of two who moved to Fort Worth with her husband so that he could attend the College at Southwestern. “It’s connecting women that we don’t get to see very often, to other women.”
Amber Arnold, also a mother of two who came to Southwestern with her husband as he pursues his Master of Divinity degree, said she, too, thoroughly enjoyed talking with other women—many of whom she never even knew were at Southwestern.
“You meet your neighbors, but really there was nothing else other than Metochai to connect you to other women,” Arnold said.
Both Arnold and Thomas are active participants in Metochai, an organization for student wives, but said they also enjoyed getting to see the mixture of women that the fellowship drew.
Dean of Women’s Programs Terri Stovall said the Chocolate Connection is a cross-section of Southwestern’s women, including faculty, faculty wives, staff, staff wives, single students, married students, wives of students, and the list goes on. She said the feedback she heard throughout the two-hour event was nothing but positive.
“The gals just enjoyed a chance to connect on campus, because we are all spread out,” Stovall said. “This is one of the few times we’re all together.”
Throughout the evening, women circled through the magnificent kitchen to fill their plates with strawberries, chocolate, apples, caramel, marshmallows, pretzels and popcorn, before finding seats in chairs, on couches, at tables and on the rugs, where they fell into easy conversation with each other. For some, the Chocolate Connection was their first experience in the Homemaking House. For others it was a trip back to a place full of memories from classes, luncheons and various celebrations. For everyone, it seemed, the Chocolate Connection was just that—a connection, and one many said they will be thankful to have both during their time at Southwestern and after they graduate and leave for the ministries to which God has called them.