FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Administrators at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have approved 13 new merit-based “Impact Scholarships” designed to assist students with specific backgrounds or areas of ministry. These new scholarships will be available for the spring 2014 semester.

“For years, Southwestern has offered affordable tuition and will continue to do so. Now, we can also advantage the hardest working students in a way that communicates their efforts will be rewarded,” said Steven Smith, vice president for student services and communications at the seminary. 

“This sends a huge message to incoming students that we are serious about attracting the brightest students.”

Ministry-specific scholarships include studies in preaching and pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, chaplaincy, Christian education, and ethics. Additionally, scholarship categories include aid for females, the disabled, ethnic minorities, and international students, as well as specific aid for college students, campus employees, and students from particular states.

One of the most unique scholarship opportunities is the Ministry Team Scholarship, which is designated for families in which both the husband and wife have chosen to study at Southwestern in preparation for ministry.

Previously, Southwestern only offered the General Scholarship, a need-based scholarship available to all students with minimal criteria. The financial aid office has restructured scholarship offerings to now include merit-based and general scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are considered on a competitive basis, which means a scholarship committee will select recipients based on the quality of applications, scholarship parameters, and other factors, such as GPA.

Adam Mallette, director of financial aid at Southwestern, believes these new scholarship opportunities fulfill the intentions of the ministry partners who funded the scholarships and remove the burden of debt for students, which often impairs future ministry.

“Southwestern’s Ministry Partners have been faithful throughout the years to assist students in their preparation for ministry,” said Mallette.

“Oftentimes this assistance takes the form of scholarships that seek to encourage students within a particular area of study, background or ability group. It is our prayer that the new Impact Scholarships will provide a new platform to meet the growing financial need of our students and the vision of our supporters.”

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