The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) is an organization whose mission is to initiate, encourage and support research into the history and cultures of the Near East and wider Mediterranean world and help the public to understand the findings of that research. At ASOR’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 16-19, five representatives from Southwestern Seminary will present research in support of this mission.

Southwestern faculty and students taking part in the conference include:

Lucas Grimsley (Ph.D. student): “The Preliminary Results of the Fifth Season of the Kourion Urban Space Project”

Steven Ortiz (director of Southwestern’s Charles D. Tandy Institute for Archaeology) and Thomas Davis (chair of Southwestern’s archaeology department): “The Tandy Institute for Archaeology: A Decade of Research”

Southwestern’s Tandy Archaeological Research Institute, a Texas Research Institute and ASOR member, wants to celebrate a decade of robust academic development and research. In this session, they will highlight their three active archaeological field projects—Tel Gezer Excavations, Kourion Urban Space Project, and the Gezer Regional Survey; review their expanding museum research collection; and present future directions of the Institute. A report on the current status of Southwestern’s Dead Sea Scrolls publication project as well as preliminary results of the research into these particular fragments will be presented. Prospective Tandy projects will be announced involving Egypt and Central Asia.

Bruno Soltic (Ph.D. student): “A Look from Above: The Comparison of UAV Photography Through Three Seasons at Tel Gezer (2014-2016)”

Philip Webb (Ph.D. student): “Recent Excavations and the Late Bronze Age at Gezer: Interpreting a Composite Reconstruction”

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