Mike Morris, associate professor of missions at Southwestern Seminary, has written a new book entitled Growing a Great Commission Church: Biblical Principles and Implications for Methods. The work provides a missiological perspective for growing a church in both quality and quantity while keeping Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28 in the hearts of the congregation. The book is available at SeminaryHillPress.com.

Below is a brief Q&A with Morris on his motivation for producing this work.

Q: What was your purpose for writing this book?

A: American neighborhoods have become racially and culturally diverse in recent decades. Church members must think like overseas missionaries as they make disciples among various groups of people in their spheres of influence. As a former pastor in America and long-term missionary overseas, I have provided detailed descriptions of biblical principles that American churches should use to reach and teach the diverse people surrounding them.

Q: What separates this book from other works on church growth?

A: Some books emphasize methodology for quantitative growth, but they do not emphasize biblical principles. This book is unique because it emphasizes biblical principles for both quantitative and qualitative growth; it also discusses the implications those principles have for methodology. It discusses both the whys and the hows as it interprets and applies key passages of Scripture.

Q: Who should read this book?

A: Church members who want to see their churches fully mobilized to do effective evangelism and discipleship should read this book. Down-to-earth illustrations are included for a basic understanding of the principles. Endnotes are provided for deeper understanding.

Q: When churches apply the principles you propose in this book, what kind of results can they expect to see?

A: The more that church members understand and obey basic principles of Scripture, the more effective churches will be in evangelism and discipleship. As churches become mobilized to obey effectively the Great Commission, they will be more outwardly focused. They will be more unified as they seek to reach and teach the unsaved groups in their neighborhoods.