Members of the Korean Student Fellowship led chapel and hosted a Bulgogi (barbeque) Fellowship for the Southwestern Seminary community, Oct. 10. Chapel attendees were blessed by the Korean Praise Band, the special music of Tom Song, associate professor of church music, and greetings brought to the seminary by Rev. Joseph Koh, pastor of Suwon Central Baptist Church in Seoul, Korea.

Southwestern Seminary has one of the largest enrollments of seminary students from Korea. This semester there are 249 students from Korea on the Fort Worth campus.

The chapel sermon was delivered by Billy Kim, president of Far East Broadcasting Company. Among his many accomplishments, Kim is the former president of the Baptist World Alliance and pastor emeritus of Suwon Central Baptist Church. Kim retired as pastor of the church last year after serving 45 years and seeing the membership from 10 to more than 15,000 members.            

Most notably, Kim served as the translator for Billy Graham during his 1973 crusade in South Korea.            

Taking his sermon from 2 Timothy 2:15, Kim exhorted those attending chapel to be compassionate workmen when dealing with souls and the lost world.            

“After you finish your education in this great institution, you will go out into the world,” Kim said. “It is a competitive world; a busy world; a merciless world; and an unfriendly world. It is also a rich world. Do not let the world’s wealth and pleasures distract you from your foremost concern, which is compassion for the lost.”            

Kim warned seminary students that America has been blessed by God more than any other nation, but the blessings will come to an end and God will send his judgment.            

“I believe the only thing that will overcome the world and reach the lost is compassion on the part of Christians,” Kim said.          

It was this kind of compassion that led Kim to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Kim related how an American soldier during the Korean War took a personal interest in him while he was working as a houseboy for the soldier’s outfit. Though Kim was unsaved, the soldier saw potential in Kim and convinced him to come to the United States to receive his Christian education. While enrolled in undergraduate studies in South Carolina, Kim prayed to receive Christ as his Savior after a fellow student witnessed to him.

Kim also pointed out that Christian workmen must know the power of prayer.

“Prayer is the key to being a successful workman,” Kim said. “Prevailing prayer brings perpetual power. If we are to know the secret power we must have a life of prayer and communion with God.”Kim finally admonished seminarians, Korean students in particular, to set the example of prayer at Southwestern.             

“May this great institution be marked as an evangelistic seminary and a praying seminary,” Kim said. “That through this great institution revival will spread across this great nation.”

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