Thirteen faculty members and 10 students from The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will participate in the 71st annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Diego, California, Nov. 20-22. This year’s theme will be “Christ in all Scripture.”

Southwestern Seminary faculty and students taking part in the meeting and their topics include:

David Allen (dean, School of Preaching): “Draw Near: Worship in Hebrews.”

Scott Aniol (associate professor of church music and worship): “Changed from Glory into Glory: Liturgical Formation of the ChristianFaith”; moderator for “Biblical Worship.”

Daniel Buller (Ph.D. student): moderator for “Old Testament Prophets.”

Robert Caldwell (professor of church history): “Jonathan Edwards on Isaac Watts: Free Will & the Boundaries of the Reformed Tradition.”

Thomas W. Davis (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “The Ficus Judaicus and its impact on New Testament writings.”

Adam Dodd (Ph.D. student): “I Have Hidden Your Word in My Heart: Scribal Memory and (Re)Writing the Bible in Early Judaism.”

Holly M. Farrow (Ph.D. student): “The Union of Theology and Doxology: A Comparative Study of Jonathan Edwards and Anne Dutton.”

Steven L. James (assistant professor of systematic theology): “The Fulfillment of Old Testament Land Promises in the New Earth.”

Andrew H. Kim (Ph.D. student): “The Multinational Eschatological Kingdom in Isaiah.”

Chris K. Kim (Ph.D. student): “Vinculum Caritatis: Another Name of the Holy Spirit in Augustine.”

Chris D. Lee (Master of Theology student): “The Greatest Possible Story: O Felix Culpa and a Tolkien-Stump Response to Diller and Adams.”

Tony Maalouf (distinguished professor of world Christianity and Middle Eastern studies): “Ishmael/Hagar, a Biblical Bridge to Muslims.”

Zelda Meneses-Reus (Ph.D. student): “A New Song: Jonathan Edwards, Isaac Watts, and the Regulative Principle.”

Nathan Montgomery (Ph.D. student): “Literature and the Formation of Virtue: A Dialogue with Prior, Zagzebski, and Stump”; moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society E3.”

Steven M. Ortiz (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “The Political Expansion of the United Monarch based on Recent Archaeological Research.”

Stephen Presley (associate professor of church history): “Did the Fathers Care about ‘Genre’?: Irenaeus of Lyons and the Literary Context.”

Charles Savelle (adjunct, School of Theology): “Christ in Amos 9:11-12: The Quotation in Acts 15 Revisited.”

Matthew Sikes (Ph.D. student): “Does God Inhabit the Praises of His People? An Examination of Psalm 22:3.”

S. Aaron Son (professor of New Testament): “The Christology of Ephesians: Exploring Its Cosmic Dimension.”

Daniel Weaver (assistant professor of spiritual formation): “Preaching Old Testament Texts in Light of the Whole Redemptive Narrative.”

Michael S. Wilder (dean, Terry School of Educational Ministries): The Role of Personal Identity in Pastoral Leadership: Apostle Peter and the Asia Minor Churches. 

Gregory A. Wills (research professor of church history and Baptist heritage): “How American Evangelicals Became Liberals: The Evangelical Character of Liberal Protestantism, 1870-1930”; panelist for “The Democratization of American Christianity: A Thirty-Year Roundtable Retrospective.”

Charissa D. Wilson (Ph.D. student): “The Shishak Destruction and the Ninth Century Occupation at Tel Gezer.”

Hongyi Yang (assistant professor of systematic theology): “Theological Implications of the Traditional Chinese Concept of the Father-Son Relationship.”

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