Southwestern Seminary’s Widows’ Might ministry comprises widowed women from across the United States who are devoted to praying for the seminary and Scarborough College. Gatherings are hosted twice a year for widows to fellowship with each other, receive encouragement, and participate in a time of devoted prayer.

During the most recent luncheon, March 9, women were treated to a special musical performance in the newly renovated Reynolds Auditorium. Led by Dean of the School of Church Music Leo Day, faculty and students read Scripture and performed various Christian songs and hymns.

One of the Widows’ Might members, JoAn Hale, says she was especially moved by the performance of “To God Be The Glory.” The performance on piano, she says, was unlike one she had heard in awhile.

“It was a true blessing,” Hale says. “I enjoyed it from the very first key played on the piano to the last little note. One of the highlights of the whole thing was to see all of the talent we have at the seminary. I have never seen so much talent.”

Hale is a long-time supporter of Southwestern. She and her husband were members of the President’s Club, and after the death of her husband in 2012, she was invited to join the Widows’ Might ministry. She says the loss of her husband was one of the most difficult times in her life. However, being in fellowship with women who carry a similar burden has been of great encouragement to her, Hale says.

Widows’ Might is unlike any other widows’ ministry, she explains. “They can sometimes be a downer, but Widows’ Might is uplifting. You get here and see people who are uplifted, and you can share their load in prayer.”

Gatherings like the most recent luncheon provide a time for these women to fellowship with one another, but more importantly to pray. As always, the luncheon concluded with a designated time of prayer for students and faculty, Revive This Nation preachers, and many ongoing needs of Southwestern.

Karen Collett, Women’s Auxiliary liaison, says this is what the ministry is all about: women who pray for Southwestern daily with joy and gladness. “Our Widows’ Might prayer warrior ministry continues to grow. What a blessing to see so many at this event, and a delight to welcome over 25 new women to this group,” Collett says. “Their prayers provide the foundation as Southwestern Seminary trains men and women for Kingdom work.”