LOUISVILLE, Ky. (SWBTS) – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary trains men and women to engage lostness “wherever we can find it with the unchanging message of Christ and His Kingdom, and with your help, we’ll continue to do it,” President Paige Patterson told more than 8,700 messengers at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, Ky., June 23.

Patterson’s seminary convention report began with a video highlighting the evangelistic efforts of Southwestern students and alumni from a variety of backgrounds, including a North Texas cattle farmer, a wounded military veteran who served in Iraq and a church planter in Aruba. Patterson said these students represent a passion for evangelism that consumes the entire seminary.

“It frankly does my heart good; it lights my fire; it rings my bell … when they get to talking about the Lord Jesus Christ and what He’s done,” Patterson said.

“I thank God for the opportunity that you Southern Baptists have provided through your seminaries to train a generation of young men and women for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Patterson invited messengers to get a copy of the seminary’s recent “Southwestern News” magazine, which features several prominent Southern Baptist pastors who are alumni of the institution.

“The whole issue is on preaching because we still believe at Southwestern Seminary that it is the foolishness of preaching and the message of the Gospel that transforms men and women everywhere,” said Patterson.

Patterson concluded by telling of a recent experience he had with some of his students. This past spring, he brought a group of students and professors to a Baptist association in West Texas to do personal evangelism and preach in churches that had reported no baptisms the previous year. In addition to a number of salvations, one student’s parents came to hear him preach, and at the time of the invitation, his mother came forward and made a profession of faith in Christ.

“Folks, those students will never forget, not what they heard in class, but what they experienced side-by-side with a professor witnessing for the cause of Christ,” Patterson said.

To view the online version of “Southwestern News” magazine, visit www.swbts.edu/swnews. To read the story about the student whose mother came to faith through his preaching, visit www.swbts.edu/campusnews.