Former Baptist World Alliance President Billy Kim visited Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 7.

Now president of the Far East Broadcasting Company of Korea, Kim said he could easily recall the obstacles that he had to overcome in order to receive his education. Now he said his mission is to encourage Korean students as they work through seminary.

“Southwestern has been a great mentor for the Korean students,” said Kim, who has recruited numerous Korean students for the seminary in years past.

Kim was accompanied on his visit by other representatives of the Far East Broadcasting Company, and also representatives of Suwon Central Baptist Church, where Kim recently retired as senior pastor after serving for 46 years. The representatives met with Korean students and encouraged them to eventually return to Korea where strong Christian leaders are needed.

The representatives shared lunch with Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson and First Lady Dorothy Patterson at Pecan Manor, the president’s home. Patterson said Kim had provided strong support to the seminary over many years and continues to encourage large numbers of Korean students to choose Southwestern each year. The number of Korean students on the Fort Worth campus has risen to more than 330 in the past five years, to nearly 10 percent of the total student population.

Patterson said the meeting with Kim was “an opportunity for both fellowship and recruiting.”

Patterson recalled the story of how an American soldier took Kim in as a houseboy during the Korean War. That same soldier later funded eight years of Kim’s education in America, where Kim also found salvation in Jesus Christ. Kim went on to lead that soldier to the Lord as well. Kim said he now seeks to offer the same kind of encouragement that he received from that soldier to current Korean students as he meets them on his travels.

“That really meant a great deal,” Kim said.

Accompanying Kim on the trip were Ei Sun Baik, pastor of the Suwon Central Baptist Church Elder Care Home; San Woong Min, vice president of the Far East Broadcasting Company; Tom Song, minister of music/senior pastor at Suwon Central Baptist Church; and Sung Rok Kim, Jeju steering committee member with the Far East Broadcasting Company.