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“Scott Aniol demonstrates that communion with God is not mystical or mysterious—rather, communion with God is rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, clearly communicated throughout the Scriptures, and absolutely vital for a fruitful Christian life that brings God ultimate glory.”

“This Bible Reading Guide helps believers read through all of the narrative passages of Scripture, plus Psalms and Proverbs, over fifty-two 5-day weeks.”

  • ETS Executive Director Search (letter to the Evangelical Theological Society), by David S. Dockery, distinguished professor of theology, theologian-in-residence of the B.H. Carroll Center for Baptist Heritage and Mission, special consultant to the president

“The Executive Committee of ETS has asked me to serve as chair of the search process that will seek, with God’s help and guidance, to find the right person to follow Mike Thigpen in the role of ETS Executive Director.”

  • The Holy Spirit (entry in Theology for the People of God series), series editor David S. Dockery (with Nathan A. Finn and Christopher W. Morgan)

“Recognizing that faithful theological study is an integrative task, the Theology for the People of God series uniquely combines biblical and systematic theology in dialogue with historical theology and with application to church and life.” 

“[W]ith the coronavirus and an earthquake specifically in view … what are we to think about God with everything that’s going on?”

“One of the ways that you have the opportunity to minister to unmarried Christians in your church is help them understand what God is doing in their character at this intersection of God’s love and goodness and His power and His sovereignty in their lives.” 

Every believer can evangelize every day, at any time, with anyone.”