EDITOR’S NOTE: To watch or download Rickey Primrose’s sermon, visit http://media.swbts.edu/
FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- What the Bible says about the end of time should influence how Christians live today, Rickey Primose told fellow students and faculty during chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, April 22. Primrose, who was selected by faculty to deliver the message for Student Preaching Day, demonstrated the training he’s received in his Master of Divinity studies during the past three years as he preached about the eschatological wedding feast described in Revelation 19.
“When the wedding bells chime, Christ will vindicate His bride,” Primrose said. As he exposited verses 1-10 of the chapter, he showed that Christ will bring the church justice against her persecutors and consummate what He began at the cross. In light of this, Christians must live in holiness and the church must present itself as the pure bride of Christ.
“We, in a very real way, have the responsibility of preparing ourselves for that glorious day by maintaining our purity in this world,” Primrose said.
In addition to being honored with the Student Preaching Day award, Primrose was also presented the LifeWay Pastoral Leadership Award by Tommy Hellams, vice president of executive communications and relations at LifeWay. This award is presented annually in each of the six Southern Baptist seminaries to students completing a Master of Divinity degree and called to pastoral ministry.
“I was struck by the humility of this young man,” Hellams said of Primrose. “A Christlike spirit is evident, and Rickey, that will serve you well as you continue in ministry.”
Primrose, originally from Lone Grove, Okla., and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, feels Southwestern has significantly equipped him for a lifetime of pastoral ministry.
“As a student preparing for pastoral ministry,” Primrose said, “Southwestern has equipped me to study a biblical text from the original language, properly interpret that text in light of biblical scholarship, and communicate that text expositionally to a local congregation.” Primrose, who graduates in May, plans to continue serving in the local church as he pursues post-graduate studies.