For each God-called man and woman receiving theological education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, there is often great sacrifice, particularly financial. But among the many ways in which ministry partners serve the seminary, their donations help lighten the burden for many students.

The annual Scholarship Donor Luncheon, April 9, afforded students and donors the opportunity to gather and share testimonies of God’s faithfulness and provision. During the luncheon, Southwestern Seminary President Adam W. Greenway greeted attendees and thanked each ministry partner for their role in the Kingdom of God of generously giving to Southwestern Seminary.

“‘Thank you’ is not enough,” Greenway said. “We could not do what we do if it were not for people like you who love our students and love the seminary and are willing to use their resources to be a blessing to others, that there might be a more faithful ministry in the years and decades to come.”

Within the Southwestern Seminary student body, there are countless stories of how God has brought each student to the institution from all over the world. Two such students and scholarship recipients include Brit Redfield and Grant Sellers.

Brit Redfield, a Master of Divinity student, shared with attendees her story of an unexpected journey to Southwestern Seminary and a call to missions. Missions and a seminary degree were never part of her plans, but after completing her undergraduate degree, Redfield said the Lord placed in her a desire to learn more about the Bible. During a campus tour, she was excited by the prospect of attending Southwestern Seminary and eagerly prayed that God would provide a way for her to attend.

God answered her prayers and provided the necessary financial aid to attend and continue her studies, often thanks to ministry partners who funded scholarships. “So much of my seminary experience and missionary experience has been through others who have graciously provided for me,” Redfield said. “I don’t have a dime to provide for myself, yet people send me on their behalf to share the Gospel to people who have never heard.”

Next, Bachelor of Arts student Grant Sellers shared his own story of his calling to Southwestern Seminary to study in Scarborough College, where he says his courses and studies have “radically changed” who he is as a Christian as well as what he had planned for his own life.

“I have seen the Lord’s hand in that,” he said. “I owe that all entirely to Southwestern Seminary and specifically Southwestern Seminary donors.”

Also addressing attendees was Durwood Foote, who, alongside his wife, has partnered with Southwestern Seminary for eight years since establishing the Dr. Thomas W. Teague Memorial Scholarship Fund, one of dozens of scholarships named in honor of men and women who have exemplified a faithful Christian life.

“Every dollar that we can give is well spent,” Foote said. “The dollars that we spend here will be multiplied many times over. We don’t have any idea of how much God will use it.”

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