For parents of small children, it is never too early to begin teaching their kids about God’s love, or to engage them in learning about missions in creative ways.

In connection with Global Missions Week at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, mothers of small children had an opportunity to participate in the first “Mommy & Me Storytime,” a time devoted to teaching kids about missions and providing mothers with resources to do missions within the context of their families.

The Sept. 18 event was part of the World Missions Center’s “Women in Missions” initiative wherein they seek to encourage and equip women in every season of life to play an essential role in the Kingdom of God. The story time provided a fellowship experience with other moms and their children, and also provided examples of creative storytelling and activities that can point others to Christ. The event exemplified how women can do missions within the context of their family as well as in the local Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. 

Children first heard a reading of This is the Gospel, a book published by She Reads Truth, written and illustrated to help children better understand the message of the Gospel. They followed this with songs of praise to God, additional children’s stories, and a special word from a missionary to Central Asia who shared about her country’s culture and people. The event concluded with the children in attendance creating a construction-paper rendition of the Turkish flag to give them a tangible reminder to pray for the Central Asian missionaries.

The event also provided moms with resources for how they can better teach their children about missions, as well as how to reach Central Asian people who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The speakers at the event clarified that while women and their families will reside in Fort Worth while training for the mission field, and some may even continue to do ministry in the United States after seminary, there are numerous opportunities to reach the nations here in the United States and, in particular, the Fort Worth area.

The World Missions Center hopes to host more events for moms and women in all life stages. For more information about how to get involved in missions efforts, visit