FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – A timeless and ever-applicable publication just got a new ‘do. First published in the early 1990s, Dorothy Patterson’s A Woman Seeking God has been updated and reprinted and stands ready to encourage and equip a new generation of women. 

Patterson, first lady and professor of theology in women's studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, freshened up the book with modern examples and anecdotes with which 21st century women can identify and relate. In just fewer than 200 pages, Patterson offers wise and biblical insight into how a woman can seek God in her personal life, in her home, in her celebrations and in her service to God and country—themes that shape the book into four parts. Within those parts, the wife-mother-scholar addresses fatigue, attitudes, priorities, homemaking, childbearing, teenagers, grandparents, mealtime, widowhood, hospitality, holidays, romance, responsibilities, ministry and education amid a host of other topics and issues.

An uplifting and life-encompassing read, A Woman Seeking God draws the reader through with natural ease, each chapter offering sound wisdom to any woman eager to learn how she may better live her life for the benefit of others and the glory of God. The book can serve as a reminder and a refresher course to a woman mature in her faith and practiced in her biblical roles or as a first-time tutorial for a woman just beginning to seek the Lord’s intentions in her life.

Patterson aptly addresses potentially difficult theological questions such as God’s allowing suffering and adversity in the life of a believer. She winsomely, yet decidedly, speaks to debated issues such as women’s roles in home and ministry and explains at length the Scriptural basis for her convictions. She offer’s memorable insight to help women in the Christian walk such as passing along her husband’s saying that “our adversities are the Lord’s universities,” (33) as well as a friend’s adage that “the Christian life is not merely doing certain things but rather a certain manner for doing everything” (163). Throughout the book, Patterson includes frequent scriptural references, quotations from those living in the pages of history and personal stories from a life spent growing up the daughter of a funeral director, marrying a preacher, raising God-fearing children and leading women to thrive in their God-ordained assignments. The trendy website and cell phone app Pinterest even made its way into this updated version of a much-beloved resource.

A Woman Seeking God encourages any woman genuinely seeking the Lord to take her role—in whatever season of life she finds herself—seriously and to eagerly apply her energies and efforts to live a life reflective of the Gospel, which she has been commanded to represent in word and deed. The wisdom in this volume speaks to the hurts, the stresses, the hopes and the messes of life and offers direction in accordance with the Bible as to how a woman of God can walk victoriously through any situation the Lord has placed or allowed to land in front of her.

Patterson says she hopes with this book, founded on the timeless truths of Scripture, to reach single women, wives, mothers and grandmothers of every generation. To purchase the newly released edition, visit or other book retailers.