FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The College at Southwestern’s (CSW) new missions concentration, launching this fall, partners with the International Mission Board (IMB) and pairs missionaries with students in the undergraduate program of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The students who serve with these missionaries have the ability to earn most of the concentration’s credit hours on the field.

The “Hands On” missionary program, a semester-long appointment offered through the IMB, is the context for the linguistics, evangelism and missions practicums for students pursuing the missions concentration in the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program.

Keith Eitel, dean of the School of Evangelism and Missions at Southwestern, said the new concentration is a “pointed effort to accomplish ‘scholarship on fire’” for students in the CSW.

“Students will be aiming and preparing to do ‘hands on’ learning in an international mission field from day one,” said Eitel. “The bundle of biblical, theological, philosophical, historical and other studies in humanities will have a practical outlet [through this concentration] into the global fields of lostness.”

According to the concentration’s design, students in their junior or senior years will be appointed to a “Hands On” position through the IMB and have the potential to complete 12 out of the 15 hours of coursework required for the concentration.

With dual responsibilities through CSW and IMB, students will participate in field-based language study linked to the people group they will serve for the semester. They will also conduct interviews, keep journals and be mentored by the veteran missionaries serving with them on the field. Students will work alongside these missionaries in Bible distribution, mercy ministries, demographic research and other activities that advance the goal of planting churches in that region.

The B.A. in Humanities provides students in the CSW with a biblical and intellectual foundation for ministry. Intensive coursework, lectures and seminars challenge them to learn the foundations of western civilization and the current cultural climate.

After graduation from the college, students have the opportunity to continue pursuing their education while on the mission field. The ‘Two plus Two’ program allows students to minister overseas in a two-year position with the IMB, complete six hours of graduate coursework and return home to finish a Master of Divinity program at Southwestern Seminary.

For more information about the CSW’s missions concentration, visit the College at Southwestern’s website at or contact Southwestern’s admissions office at 1-800-SWBTS-01.