FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Representatives from the Korean Baptist Theological Seminary in Deajeon, South Korea, traveled to Fort Worth, Texas, to affirm and further develop the school’s partnership with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

During a chapel service at Southwestern, Jan. 31, Korean seminary president Kook Won Bae affirmed the institution’s agreement with “The Southwestern Declaration on Academic and Theological Integrity.” This declaration affirms the Southern Baptist Conventions’ Baptist Faith and Message 2000, as well as the importance of biblical authority and exposition, academic excellence, and pastoral training. To read the declaration, visit

“On behalf of Korea Baptist Theological University and Seminary,” Bae said, “I would like to express our full agreement and concurrence with the spiritual and theological educational convictions of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“We not only concur with your prophetic direction in providing quality spiritual leadership training for the 21st century, but we would like to join with you with prayer and collaboration, that our two institutions yoke together toward the greater kingdom ministry that is ahead of us. May our good Lord bless us in what we do together as a team for the future.”

During chapel, Southwestern Seminary president Paige Patterson emphasized the Korean Baptist Theological Seminary’s importance for reaching a lost world.

Expressing his excitement about the mutual advantages of this partnership in a later interview, Bae agreed with Patterson. While the Korean seminary gains much from a partnership with Southwestern, the Korean seminary also provides an opportunity for Southwesterners because of its “cultural exposure” to the nations of Asia.

The Korean seminary is a “good stepping stone toward missions in Asia,” Bae said. He expressed his hope that, someday, Southwesterners could visit the Korean seminary to learn about Asian cultures before ministering to Korean churches in the United States or before going on mission to other Asian nations.