Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Forth Worth, Texas, released the following statement today signaling his support for the nomination of Ronnie Floyd as president of the Southern Baptist Convention:

“How delighted I am to hear that Johnny Hunt will nominate Pastor Ronnie Floyd for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Ronnie Floyd has faithfully served Southern Baptists both on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and as a trustee of GuideStone Financial Resources, where he has vigorously supported Dr. Hawkins’ continuing concerns for widows and the pastors of small churches.

“Furthermore, Springdale, Ark., while rapidly growing, is hardly a metropolis. Yet, Dr. Floyd has built one of our greatest churches in a smaller community. Southern Baptists have always highly regarded evangelism and church growth as the sign of a church that inculcates the ethos of New Testament Christianity. Dr. Floyd has done this at the First Baptist Church in Springdale.

“Very few pastors have been better friends to our seminaries than Ronnie Floyd. Several of our schools have been the recipients of a steady stream of preachers emerging from Dr. Floyd’s ministry. In a day in which too few churches are turning out preachers and missionaries, Floyd has produced many, and continues to do so.

“There is one other reason why I believe Ronnie Floyd will make a great President for Southern Baptists. Across the years, whenever he has made a mistake, like we all do, he has always humbly received correction and remedied anything for which a better way could be found. That sweet humility and openness commends him to us all.

“Southern Baptists need a man whose moral fiber is unscathed by compromise with the world in respect to his home, his purity of life, and his integrity. Ronnie Floyd is such a man.”