DALLAS, Texas (SWBTS)—Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship (CSF), the creators of The Christian Sportsman magazine, honored Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president Paige Patterson with the first-ever David Livingstone Award in recognition of his missionary heart combined with a passion for hunting, Jan. 4. The award was presented at the Dallas Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast at Eddie Deen’s Ranch Restaurant.

David Livingstone, the namesake for the award, was a British medical missionary to Africa known for his hunting expeditions and exploration of the interior of Eastern and Central Africa.
Patterson recorded a brief video recounting Livingstone’s life, which was shown at the event. In the video, Patterson remarked that Livingstone was “remarkable for the discoveries he made, for the medicine he practiced, for his opposition to the slave trade, and for his faithfulness in presenting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Patterson, an avid hunter, has preached, taught, and witnessed in 127 countries throughout his lifetime. He has also taken down some of the world’s most dangerous game, including a lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, hippo, crocodile, and an Alaskan brown bear. A CSF Master Sportsman, Patterson also serves as a contributing editor for the The Christian Sportsman.

Speaking at around 40 sportsman’s banquets in churches each year, Patterson shares his hunting escapades with thousands of men and young boys. As he recounts his harrowing tales and gives advice on biblical manhood, he also tells the greatest story ever told—the Gospel. As a result, he has seen nearly 10,000 men make professions of faith at these events over the years. Additionally, he has written a Gospel tract called “Hunting the Most Dangerous Game,” which he uses to witness to people all over the world