FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- President Paige Patterson launched his annual spring chapel sermon series during convocation, Jan. 13. This year’s series focuses on the 10 Commandments.
“Is there nothing that is constant? Is there not a thing in this world that though the years pass and the advances of science are made, yet it always remains the same?” Patterson asked.
“Yes, my friend, I would say to you that the Decalogue, the 10 Commandments, has an enduring quality because it tells us the nature of an unchanging, immutable God. What is revealed in the 10 Commandments is not so much a series of rules but the very nature of God himself.”
To view the spring chapel schedule, go to Free downloads of Patterson’s previous spring chapel sermon series are available at
Message titles for the series:
    1.    Never Touch A Smoking Mountain – Jan. 13
    2.    One of a Kind – Jan. 19
    3.    A Jealous Spirit – Jan. 25
    4.    The Matchless Name – Feb. 2
    5.    When One is More Than Six – Feb. 24
    6.    Honor Above Kings – March 2
    7.    Life Belongs to God – March 8
    8.    Intimacy is Sacred – March 23
    9.    Possessions are Stewardships – April 5
    10.    The Destructiveness of Falsehood – April 13
    11.    Regardless of His Will – April 20
    12.    A Surprising Summary – April 26