Twelve spring semester chapel services at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will feature installments of a sermon series on “The Last Days” preached by President Paige Patterson. The first sermon in the series will be Jan. 18 beginning at 10:50 a.m. in Truett Auditorium. The final installment will be April 26.

Patterson’s sermons will be drawn from several books in the Bible that contain apocalyptic or end times passages including Daniel, Isaiah, Romans, and Revelation. Over the course of the series, Patterson will cover such topics as the meaning of the 70 weeks referred to in Daniel 9, the Great Tribulation, ecumenism, heaven and hell.

While the subject of end times, or eschatology, is of popular interest among Christians, it is one of the most challenging biblical themes to understand, study and preach. “Unfortunately, God's plan for the end times is also usually the least understood doctrine even for seminary graduates,” Patterson said. “Even professors too frequently must conclude the semester before they get to eschatology in their classes.”

These factors  and Patterson’s own interest in the subject are what prompted him to prepare the sermon series. He said he enjoys working through challenging passages in the Bible and setting an example to students of how to combine careful scholarship with preaching that even the youngest listeners can understand.

“These are sermons, but any effort to address prophecy necessarily focuses on complicated issues,” he said. “How to deal with the technicalities without losing sight of the greater purpose is always the challenge.”

Patterson said his goal in any sermon, regardless of the audience, is “to inspire and challenge the listener to a new commitment to Christ.”

Regardless of one’s eschatological views, Patterson said his prayer is that those hearing the messages will be encouraged to “a greater devotion to Christ by the consideration of our ‘Blessed Hope’, the appearance of the Lord Jesus.”

Patterson’s sermon series titled “The Last Days” will be presented as follows:

-         Jan. 18 – When Lambs Intimidate Lions – Isaiah 11

-         Jan. 24 – Belshazzar’s Zoo – Daniel 7

-         Jan. 31 – Empires at Sunset – Daniel 8

-         Feb. 7 – Daniel’s 70th Week – Daniel 9:20-27

-         Feb. 14 – Did the Church Replace Israel? – Romans 9-11

-         Feb. 21 – Slim Pickins for Aspiring Buzzards – Ezekiel 37

-         Feb. 27 – The Great Tribulation and the Man of Sin – Revelation 13

-         March 8 – Ecumenism: Satan’s Final Ploy – Revelation 17

-         March 28 – Choosing Judgments – 1 Cor. 2:10-17; Rev. 20:11-15

-         April 3 – Hell: A Post-Modern Dilemma – Luke 16:19-31

-         April 11 – We Will Never Grow Old – 1 Corinthians 15

-         April 26 – Cloud Potatoes in the Sweet By and By – Rev. 21, 22

Southwestern Seminary’s chapel services are held during the semester on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 10:50 a.m. (CST) in Truett Auditorium. The public and media are always welcome. For those with Internet access, all chapels, including Dr. Patterson’s series, can be viewed live on streaming video through the seminary’s web site. Archived Flash Media and MP3 recordings of Patterson’s sermons, directions to the seminary, and the schedule for all other chapel speakers can be accessed through the seminary’s Web site,