FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) –Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson spoke at a banquet held by the Korean Association of Fort Worth, Dec. 14, where he also accepted a scholarship for Korean seminary students.

“We are very glad to have this association with Southwestern Seminary and Korea,” Patterson told attendees, which included Korean families, Southwestern professors and city leaders.

Patterson pointed out the proof of that association by the fact that 359 of the seminary’s 3,200 students are Korean. Those students often have the most wonderful attitudes and are wonderfully talented, Patterson said.

“We want to invite all of you to come visit Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, hear many of the finest musicians in the world and some of the budding theologians in the world—all of whom are either Korean American or from Korea,” Patterson said.

The banquet also featured a representative from Senator Wendy Davis’ office and other politicians and leaders including State Representative Jonathan Strickland and others.

During the banquet, individuals donned in traditional Korean dress performed dances and played instruments. Attendees also enjoyed a taekwondo demonstration.

Patterson said the banquet brought back memories of when he had the opportunity to visit Korea as a 17-year-old. He said much of the traditional clothing and performances displayed at the banquet were still common in some areas that held to tradition at the time of his visit.

Patterson also accepted a gift from the association in a scholarship for Korean American or Korean students. Each year about $104,000 in scholarships is provided to Korean students through the association.

“We are very grateful to the Korean community for their support of our Korean students,” Patterson said.