FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- President Paige Patterson and first lady Dorothy Patterson were among those who met for plenary sessions and affirmation of a document highlighting their commitment to traditional values, the rights of families and the support of traditional marriage at the fifth World Congress of Families (WCF) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Aug. 10-12.

Dr. Patterson presided over several plenary sessions, including one featuring his wife, who was selected to speak at the congress. Mrs. Patterson presented a paper on A Modern Paradigm for Motherhood.

The Pattersons have represented Southern Baptists at WCF for more than a decade, and Dr. Patterson found the choice of Amsterdam for this year’s congress significant.

“Meeting in a city like Amsterdam, which has so devalued the traditional home and boasted of its sexual licentiousness, underscored the tragedies incurred by the social order when the importance of the biblical family is abrogated,” he said.

Mrs. Patterson agreed, adding, “I am hopeful that future congresses will strengthen their declarations on the value of life in the womb – absolute sanctity of life, especially for the most vulnerable – and undergird in a more positive way the value of a mother’s investment in her own household with full energies, giftedness, academic training and creativity in her commitment to producing the next generation.”

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, also spoke at WCF on the role of faith in keeping families together.
Land noted the importance of the Declaration of Amsterdam outlining the convictions of the congress.

“The Declaration is important because it reflects the strong consensus of the world’s great faith traditions on the importance of the family and on the harmful influences bombarding the family in cultures around the world,” said Land.

The full Declaration of Amsterdam can be found online at