FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- Christ Jesus owns everything in existence, said Charles Ryrie, editor of the popular Ryrie Study Bible, during Southwestern Seminary’s chapel service, Nov. 17.

“He owns all, and I am just a manager,” Ryrie said. “I’m not the owner, and I think that is important to remember in the materialistic society in which we all live.”

This truth is displayed in Matthew 17:24-27, the story in which Jesus pays his temple tax with a coin that He commanded Peter to take from a fish’s mouth. The Lord owned the temple and was not required to pay a tax. In the same way He owns everything, Ryrie said. According to Ryrie, this passage highlights numerous attributes of Christ.

First, “the Lord knows all,” Ryrie said. “And we know that, intellectually, but I’m not sure that we are aware of it as often as we should be.” He encouraged his audience to minister, speak and live under the realization that Christ Jesus knows all of their actions and motives.

Second, “the Lord controls all.” Holding up a stater, the ancient coin referred to in Matthew 17:24-27, Ryrie described how unlikely it would have been for Peter to find in a fish’s mouth the exact amount that was needed to pay the temple tax for himself and for Christ.

“This was a tremendous miracle … to control it so that fish, at that time, at that place, hit Peter’s hook,” Ryrie said. “Now Peter could have said, ‘Now, I’ll just sit here, and surely the Lord is mighty enough to drop the coin out of the air. Why go through the trouble to find a fish, who will swallow it, … and make me go down to get it?’”

“Because,” Ryrie answered, “most of God’s control depends upon my letting and involving myself in what He wants done.”

Third, “our Lord serves all,” Ryrie said. Christ did not need to pay a tax to the temple, but He did pay this tax so that others would not stumble. Ryrie called believers to follow Christ’s example of servanthood.

“My dear young students,” Ryrie said, “I have one piece of advice for you that covers everyone at every stage of life. It is this: Always be willing to do anything, any time, anywhere for the Lord.”

A graduate of Haverford College, Dallas Theological Seminary and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Ryrie has served as a professor of systematic theology and as dean for doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He also served for a time as president and professor at the Philadelphia College of the Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University).

Ryrie has also authored and edited numerous articles and books beyond the Ryrie Study Bible, which is available in several Bible versions. His other works include Dispensationalism, Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding, Balancing the Christian Life, The Basis of the Premillennial Faith and So Great Salvation: What It Means to Believe in Jesus Christ.

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