Johnny Hunt, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and pastor of the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Ga., preached in the seminary’s chapel service on Thursday, Jan. 29. Using Psalm 119:81-88, he pointed students to the Bible as their primary source to stand firm during rough times.

Hunt encouraged students to place their hope and trust in the truth of God’s Word, searching Scripture for God’s solutions instead of looking for a comparable situation.

“If the world is getting darker and the church is getting lesser in its influence in the nation, we don’t need to back down. … We are living in desperate times, but I’m not sure we’ve gotten desperate yet,” Hunt said.

Hunt noted the value of Scripture was especially appropriate at Southwestern, acknowledging Paige Patterson, seminary president, as the man “who has helped us more as Southern Baptists to have a deep appreciation and to know the integrity and the authority and the infallibility of the Scriptures, the Word of God.”