Southwestern Seminary will be represented by 14 faculty members and six students at the 70th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Denver, Colo., Nov. 13-15. This year’s theme will be “Holy Spirit.”

Southwestern faculty and students taking part in the meeting include:

David Allen (dean, School of Preaching): “The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Atonement and Its Application.”

Scott Aniol (associate professor of church music): “The Holy Spirit’s Work in Worship: Extraordinary Experience or Disciplined Formation?”; moderator for “Biblical Worship.”

D. Jeffrey Bingham (interim president, dean of the School of Theology): “God, Humanity and Time in Irenaeus of Lyons”; “Christ, the Spirit, and the Water in Irenaeus.”

Jacob Brunton (Ph.D. student): “Divine Egoism: An Edwardsian Theodicy.”

Daniel Buller (Ph.D. student): “Fall or No Fall? On the Relationship of Genesis 2-3 and 4:1-16.”

Robert Caldwell (associate professor of church history): “The Holy Spirit as the Bond of Union in the ‘Objective’ Spirituality of Jonathan Edwards”; respondent for “Witchcraft Accusations in Early New England: A Comparative Approach.”

Dongsun Cho (associate professor of systematic and historical theology): “The Theological Reflections of the Holy Spirit in the Passion and Death of Christ.”

Travis Dickinson (associate professor of philosophy and Christian Apologetics): “An Evidentialist Model of Faith.”

John Gray (Ph.D. student): “The Influence of the General Baptist Tradition on Benjamin Keach’s Pneumatology.”

John D. Laing (professor of systematic theology and philosophy): “Answering Islamic State: A Modest Proposal.”

Chris D. Lee (Ph.D. student): “A Lewis-Platinga Response to Epistemic Skepticism Regarding Religious Experience”; moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society B3.”

R. Keith Loftin (associate professor of philosophy and humanities): moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society C1.”

Terrence Nichols (Ph.D. student): “The Likely Resting Place of Herod the Great—A Reply to Patrich and Arubas.”

Jong Bok Park (Ph.D. student): “Korean Pneumatology in the Hermeneutic Process of Scripture.”

Benjamin Phillips (associate professor of systematic theology): “The Spirit Prophecy in the Pulpit: Reconsidering Preaching as a Form of Prophecy.”

Charles Savelle (assistant professor of biblical exposition): “Infanticide in the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15?”

David M. Toledo (assistant professor of music ministry): “Embracing the Challenge: Questions and Answers in Music and Worship Leadership Education.”

Terry Wilder (professor of New Testament): “A Pauline Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Letters to Timothy and Titus.”

Joshua E. Williams (associate professor of Old Testament): “Like Father, Like Son: Uzziah and Jotham in Chronicles.”

Hongyi Yang (assistant professor of systematic theology in women’s studies): “How Can One Do Theology without Terminologies?”

In addition, two faculty members and three students will participate in the annual meeting of American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), Nov. 14-17. Southwestern presenters at this meeting include:

Marcella Barbosa (Ph.D. student): “Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages II”

Thomas Davis (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “Archaeology of Cyprus III”

Lucas Grimsely (Ph.D. student): “Archaeology of Cyprus III”

Steven Ortiz (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages II”

Bruno Soltic (Ph.D. student): “Digital Archaeology and History I”

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